What is Palliative Care?

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Palliative care provides support and care to the client, their family and friends who are dealing with a life-limiting illness where the focus is on comfort rather than cure.

The belief of the palliative care team is that the client receive the highest possible level of comfort and compassion to maintain dignity and to achieve the best quality of life possible. This philosophy and goals of care is based on the physical, psychological, social, cultural, emotional and spiritual needs of each individual.

Life, from beginning to end, from birth to death and beyond, is a journey. We are all travelers on this pathway. Just as we prepare for a holiday trip by planning ahead, we plan for the various stages of our life’s journey. We may also plan ahead for that part of our life journey that leads through the death process. The Planning Ahead booklet is intended as a guide for planning.

Many community services are available to palliative patients and their families. It is often helpful to know about these services even before you require them, so that in time of need you have a plan to follow.

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