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Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region Palliative Care Services

The offices of Palliative Care Services are located in the Pasqua Hospital on the fourth floor above the Allan Blair Cancer Centre. The Family Room and Palliative Care Resources Centre are located within this office area.

Services provided by Regina Palliative Care include:

Palliative Care Coordinators: Meet with people at home, in hospital or at Regina Wascana Grace Hospice. They assess needs, explain the services of the palliative care team, and make a plan of care with the client. Coordinators make changes to the service with the client and family members according to changing needs.

Palliative Home Care: The home care team includes: palliative nurses, palliative home health aides, social workers, music therapist, occupational therapists, chaplains and volunteers. They provide management of pain and symptoms, ongoing assessment, personal care, a contact between client and doctor, and support to clients and families in their own home.

Palliative Care Unit: This nine-bed unit is located at Pasqua Hospital. It provides short-term care, symptom management, plans for discharge or end-of-life care.

Regina Wascana Grace Hospice: Provides end-of-life care to clients who do not need hospitalization and can no longer be cared for at home. Palliative care doctors and team members continue to provide support to the client and family members.

Medical Care: The primary doctor to palliative care clients is the family doctor. However, pain and physical symptom support is provided by the palliative care doctors and palliative care clinical nurse consultant in hospital, long term care, hospice and home.

Social Work: Provides information, supportive counseling, and assistance for clients and their families in hospital, long-term care, hospice and home. They also advocate and make referrals to community resources as needed.

Volunteer Program: Volunteers are trained to provide companionship, social and emotional support, bereavement support and comfort to clients and families in hospital and home.

Occupational Therapy: Occupational therapists see clients in hospital, hospice and home. The goal is to keep clients safe, comfortable and independent in their own homes for as long as possible.

Spiritual Care: When facing a life-limiting illness, clients or family members may think about such things as the meaning of life, hope, fear, guilt, abandonment or faith. On request, Palliative Care staff can assist in accessing resources from any faith tradition.

Music Therapy: Music therapy can calm and relax, help manage pain and anxiety, bring forward memories, and be used in creating legacy gifts for loved ones. It can help clients understand their emotions and thoughts and to connect with their religious/spiritual beliefs. Music therapy is available to both clients and family members.

Bereavement Care: When facing a life-limiting illness or dealing with a death loss, Palliative Care Services together with The Bereavement Centre (formerly Greystone) offers a variety of care to help the client and family understand more about loss, grief and bereavement. This care includes resource materials, individual counseling, and support groups for adults, teens and children. Next-of-kin/contact persons as identified by the client on intake or through referral will be contacted and offered bereavement support. Options for declining these services are available.

Resource Centre: Current books, journals, magazines, videos and tapes on palliative care topics are available for loan. Information is relevant to all ages, including children.

Education: Palliative Care Services offers extensive educational programming in the community for both medical and non-medical care givers through workshops, conferences and informational presentations.

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Palliative Care Services
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