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Nutrition and Food Services (NFS) supports the mission, vision and values of the RQHR.

The department of Nutrition and Food Services conducts quality improvement and practice-based research projects aimed at improving nutrition care and services for clients in the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region. We participate in local, national and international research projects.

Recent Projects:

  • More 2 Eat project 
  • Nutrition care pathway for hospitalized older adults: Content validation and feasibility testing 
  • Validation of the Fenton Preterm Growth Chart 
  • Nutrition Care in Canadian Hospitals 
  • Usefulness of Mealtime Management video

Student projects      

  • Use of oral nutrition supplements in long term care facilities. Can J Diet Pract Res 2009:70:194-19  
  • Staff Perceptions, Attitudes and Beliefs of Food Available in Hospital-Leader-post Article: Soggy Jell-o and burned peas? Hospital food might not be as bad as we think.                                                            
  • Client satisfaction of gestational diabetes mellitus education program provided by the Metabolic and Diabetes Education Centre: Is postpartum follow-up desired?                                                                                                                                 

Dietitian Tools

The Dietitians of the RQHR translate nutrition knowledge and research into patient education, tools and resources for healthcare professionals.  Two resources developed for dietitians are:


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