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Inpatient Mental Health Services in made up of inpatient, day patient, and outpatient mental health programs. These programs are located on Level 1D, Level 0D, Level 4A and Level 4B at the Regina General Hospital.


Adult Inpatient Mental Health
Adult Inpatient Mental Health is divided into East and West Wings with a total of 50 beds for adults experiencing severe mental health and / or addiction problems which cannot be managed in a community setting.

Patient and family-centered care is provided. Patients are engaged in the decision-making progress regarding their care. Case conferences occur frequently throughout the course of an admission, and planning for a smooth and successful discharge begins on admission.

In addition to one-on-one nurse and physician counselling, patients are involved in a variety of supportive therapies, including psychoeducational groups, relaxation, recreational, and activity therapies. Other therapies, such as Electroconvulsive Therapy are used in selected cases.

Admission to Adult Inpatient Mental Health is arranged by a Psychiatrist with admitting privileges SHA Regina Area. Adult Inpatient Mental Health is a mental health centre under the Mental Health Services Act; therefore, patient care is governed by this Act.

Adolescent Psychiatry Unit
Adolescents (ages 11 to 17) who require intense in-hospital care may be admitted to the Adolescent Psychiatry Unit (APU). APU works closely with Child and Youth Services to provide a continuum of care from inpatient to outpatient services.

APU care is a combination of one-to-one and group counselling, schooling, and recreation activities. The school program is provided in the morning for those youth well enough to participate. The afternoons and evenings include group counselling sessions, arts, crafts, and other skill building activities. Parents or guardians are included in the care programming on the unit. 

Ensuring the safety of all the youth on the unit while they are getting well is a main concern. Security cameras are located throughout the unit to assist staff in keeping everyone safe, at all times. The unit can be locked, when necessary, to prevent very high risk patients from leaving the hospital

Mental Health Day Program
The Mental Health Day Program offers services to patients who have had a recent crisis or feel their anxiety or depression is worsening. The program helps patients develop skills to better manage their anxiety and depression with the goal of improving their overall mental health in a safe environment.

• The program is two weeks long.
• Patients may need to take time off work to attend.
• Programming is offered in groups of 10 or fewer people. Patients can attend morning or afternoon sessions.

Intake/Referral Process
• Referrals are received from a Psychiatrist or the Mental Health Clinic, patients will be contacted by phone to confirm their interest in participating and to ensure they meet program criteria. A staff in the Mental Health Day Program will provide program information and confirm the patient’s start date.

Adult Supportive Therapies
The Supportive Therapies Team includes our Occupational therapy staff, Group Nurse and Recreation Worker. The purpose of Supportive Therapies is to:
• Assess patients to identify areas of functional improvement (Occupational therapy) and to support patients to meet their functional goals.
• Help patients rebuild skills that have been lost due to illness.
• Build new skills that help the patient as he / she leaves the hospital to live a healthy life.

Outpatient Programs
• Clozapine Clinic
• Injection Clinic
• Outpatient Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

Patients are referred to these clinics by their Psychiatrist. 

Regina General Hospital Emergency Department Mental Health Service
The Emergency Department at the Regina General Hospital has an Emergency Psychiatric Nurse Coordinator on staff to assist in individualized assessment and care of individuals who present to the Emergency Department with mental health or addiction concerns. 

Youth Detox
Youth Detox provides a facility for youth 12 to 17 years of age who require detoxification and stabilization. Youth Detox is staffed by an interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses and addictions counselors. We provide families and care providers with options for accessing services on behalf of youth who are unwilling or unable to engage in voluntary service for severe substance abuse or substance dependence.  Youth Detox follows the Youth Drug Detox Stabilization Act; therefore, patient care is governed by this Act.

Where to Find Us

Inpatient Mental Health Services

Regina General Hospital
1440 - 14th Avenue
Regina, S4P 0W5

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Adult Inpatient UnitUnit 1D EastPhone: 766-4321
 Unit 1D WestPhone: 766-4323
Youth DetoxUnit 4APhone: 766-3585
Adolescent Psychiatry UnitUnit 4BPhone: 766-4218
Clozapine/Injection/ECT ProgramsUnit 0DPhone: 766-4339
Mental Health Day ProgramUnit 0DPhone: 766-4394
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