Safe Drinking Water

Safe Drinking Water

The safety of our drinking water is the cornerstone to Public Health and of paramount importance to preventing disease transmission. As such, Public Drinking Water supplies in Saskatchewan are regulated, monitored and tested to ensure safety. Water supplies fall into one of three categories, Saskatchewan Environment regulated system (more than 15 connections to the water source), Health Region Regulated Public Water Systems (more than three connections but less than 15), and private water supplies.

For more information on municipal public water supplies regulated by the Water Security Agencyclick here.

Private Water Supplies

The safety of your private water supply is your responsibility. As such, we have provided numerous links to information in the quick links menu to assist you in protecting your water supply, verifying its quality and safety, and troubleshooting problems with your private water supply.

Interpreting your water sample results

When you receive your water sample test results back you will notice there are at least three values listed. The only acceptable result for Coliforms- No detectable/100mL, E.Coli- No detectable/100mL and Nitrates < 45mg/mL. If your results show levels higher than the accepted values please contact a Public Health Inspector to discuss at 306-766-7755.

Drinking Water Advisories

Drinking water advosories are issued for municipal, community and semi-public water supplies due to the suspected or confirmed presence of contamination that may affect public health. Affected businesses and residents will be notified if an advisory has been issued for their public water supply and provided with information regarding precautionary measures. If your water supply is affected by a Drinking Water Advisory please refer to the following information sheets for guidance:

If you have any questions on concerns regarding your water supply please contact a Public Health Inspector at 306-766-7755.


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