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Communications Specialists work in a fast paced team environment evaluating emergency calls, processing inter-facility hospital transports, and deploying appropriate resources to facilitate those service requests.

Communications Specialist

If you are interested in a career in Emergency 911 Communications please follow the steps below to apply: (We accept resumes on an on-going basis).

​Intake Selection Process

The goal of this process is to identify candidates who possess the core competencies and fundamental skills necessary to become an effective Communications Specialist. There are a number of stages involved in the process. (Please note that a candidate must be successful in one stage in order to move on to the next.)

​Factors to Consider

  • Being an emergency 911 Communications Specialist means participating in a busy, active, constantly challenging work environment.
  • Mastering state-of-the-art communications technology.
  • Can you picture this as a career for you?

To help determine whether a career in emergency 911 communications is for you, please complete the self-assessment survey, if you answered yes to the questions in the self screening criteria and met the criteria contained within the questionnaire please move on to the next document.

Communications Specialist Functional Description

EMS Communications Centre Recruitment Package

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Culture

Transforming care, optimizing patient satisfaction and creating better patient outcomes are just some of the objectives our Communications Specialists achieve each day. As a culture committed to providing high quality best practice service, integrity and teamwork are the foundation of our organization. If you feel this is something you can contribute to, or be part of please engage our recruitment process.

Please review the Communications Specialist Functional Description document to gain an understanding of the position description.

Initial Engagement – Résumé and Application Review

Résumés are thoroughly reviewed relative to the qualifications and requirements found in the job description. Résumés must be submitted along with a Criminal Record Check, Typing Test and Hearing test to the Information on how to obtain a criminal record check, typing test and hearing test are enclosed in the recruitment package. Please include a cover letter with your résumé. Applicants whose résumés have been accepted from this review may be invited to proceed with the recruitment process.

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