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Canadian Residents with Provincial Health Coverage

As a patient receiving services within the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region, you may receive a bill for services and equipment that is not covered by your Provincial Health plan.

These miscellaneous charges may include but are not limited to:

  • Crutches/Canes/Walkers
  • Fiberglass Casts
  • Splints
  • Braces
  • Non-Formulary Drugs prescribed during an In Patient visit
  • Aero chambers
  • Preferred Accommodation
  • Podiatry Fees
  • Uninsured Services such as Cosmetic Surgery, Dental Surgery, Reversal of Sterilization and Circumcisions. Click here for Charges.
  • Long Term Care Fees (Rates determined by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health)
  • Respite/Transition/Convalescent Fees
  • Incontinence Supplies/Flat fees

For further information please visit:

Additional Fees

Additional fees may be incurred for physician services (e.g. anesthesia) - fee-for-service physicians, consultants etc.

For any questions or concerns please see the facility Finance Department during regular business hours.

New Canadian Residents/Immigrants to Canada without Provincial Health Coverage

Visit eHealth Saskatchewan's website for information on Special Classes of Newcomers.


Out of Country Residents

If you or a family member are visiting from outside of Canada and require services from the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region, you will be charged for the services provided based on the following Visit types:



Out Patient Visit $1,077.00  
Day Surgery Visit $4,155.00  
Hemodialysis Visit $1,488.00  
Regina General Hospital In Patient Visit - Regular Ward $4,104.00 per day
Pasqua Hospital In Patient Visit - Regular Ward $3,873.00 per day
Regina General Hospital In Patient Visit - Intensive Care Ward $17,412.00 per day
Pasqua Hospital In Patient Visit - Intensive Care Ward $15,261.00 per day


International Travel Insurance is a necessity for your family members when visiting from outside of Canada.

It is the responsibility of the Out of Country Resident to facilitate payment between any Insurance Company and the RQHR.

The same miscellaneous charges listed above for Canadian Residents with Provincial Health Coverage will also apply to Out of Country Residents.

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