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The Street Project is a Public Health program that helps prevent the spread of HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and other blood borne and sexually transmitted infections.

Harm Reduction in Action

Registered Nurses provide counselling on how to reduce the risk of harm for anyone involved in the sex trade, street involved  or drug use. A large component of the Harm Reduction model is a Needle Exchange program for injection drug users. Also available are condoms, lube, sharps containers, sterile water, ties and filters.

The Street Project van is on Regina streets Monday to Friday most afternoons and evenings. Call 306-766-7799 for more information or to arrange a home visit. 

Needle exchange services are also available at:

  • Carmichael Outreach at 1925 Osler Street
  • Sexual Health Clinic at 2110 Hamilton Street
  • APSS (AIDS Program South Saskatchewan) at 1325 Albert Street, Regina

What to do if you find a needle:

  1. Get an empty non-breakable hard-sided container that needles can't poke through. The container must have a lid. You can use an empty pop bottle or a small coffee tin.
  2. Put the container on a flat surface.
  3. Use tongs or pliers to pick the syringe up by the barrel end and keep the pointed needle end away from you.
  4. DO NOT try to put the cap back on the needle.
  5. Put the needle in the container. Put the lid on tightly.
  6. Wash your hands.
  7. Place the container in a safe place where it won't be opened by children.
  8. Take to the nearest needle disposal drop box or call 306-766-7799 to arrange for someone to pick it up within a few days.

Needle Drop Box Locations:

  • North Central: Alley between 1100 block Cameron St. and Garnet St. (off of 5th Ave.)
  • Downtown Core: Alley by Core Community Park - 1800 block Montreal St

Individuals can dispose of needles in the needle drop boxes. Large containers will not fit safely in the drop boxes. If assistance is required to dispose of large quantities of needles or to pick up needles found on public property, please call The Street Project at 306-766-7799. For assistance after hours or on the weekend contact the Fire Department at 306-777-7830.

Borrow a Needle Pick up Kit

Safe Needle Pick Up Kits are available to any person wishing to safely dispose of needles, condoms, or other drug equipment found on private property. Staff are available to answer questions and provide instruction on the safe pick up and disposal of needles. A $20.00 deposit is needed to borrow the kit. The deposit will be refunded when the kit is returned.

To borrow a Safe Needle Pick Up Kit call The Street Project at 306-766-7799. 

 What should you do if you poke yourself with a needle? 

  • Wash the area with soap and water.
  • Let it bleed freely.
  • Got to the nearest hospital emergency department immediately. 

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