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Addiction Treatment Centre

1640 Victoria Ave, Regina, S4P 0P7 
Main office: 306-766-6600
Fax: 306-766-7970

Adult Addiction Services

For Services Call: 306-766-6600

These programs are available for any person who is dependent on or affected by another's use of alcohol or drugs. Individuals are assessed according to their needs and placed in the most appropriate combination of programs and services. This could include individual counselling or group sessions for the substance-affected client or family members. On completion of a treatment program, clients may continue with aftercare follow-up services.

Addiction Services is a strong advocate for those wishing to include traditional cultural care into their recovery plans. First Nation and Metis Elders are available for support and guidance to all clients wishing to follow a cultural path. If you wish to speak with an Elder, one can be available by request.

Our holistic approach to treatment and recovery follows closely with the Medicine Wheel teachings that to fully heal we need to treat the body, mind, emotions and spirit together. To this end we provide the resources that our clients require, including a smudging and healing room for spiritual practices.

Day Patient Program

The Day Patient Program is a four week, group-based, non-residential treatment program for chemically dependent people. Included are educational presentations and interactive group sessions. One-on-one counselling is available if needed. Participants must be referred to this program by an Addiction Counsellor at Addiction Services.

Insight Group

The Insight Group is a psycho-educational group for individuals who have been affected by someone’s use and abuse of alcohol or other drugs. An eight week program three hours per week offered twice a year. Interested individuals should contact the Intake Office at Addiction Services. Referral from a counsellor at Addiction Services is necessary.

Aftercare Group

The Aftercare Group is a group that is offered on an as needed basis to participants who are new to sobriety. The groups provide information regarding the typical problems that develop during the first years of sobriety. Education and group support revolves around finding ways of managing the physiological and emotional issues that newly recovering people frequently experience. Participants must be referred to this program by a counsellor at Addiction Services.

Discovery Group

The Discovery Group is an educational group which allows participants to explore their chemical use and assist in personal recognition that addiction may be present. The purpose of attendance in the Discovery Group is to assist the client in recognizing the effects that chemicals may have had on their lives and finding alternative behaviours. Participants must be referred to this program by a counsellor at Addiction Services.

Ready for Change Group

The Ready for Change Group is a drop-in educational group for clients who are ready to make some changes in their lives regarding their use of substances. Provided over 6 sessions, the client will receive information on addiction and the recovery process. Participants must be referred to this program by a counsellor at Addiction Services.

Relapse Prevention Group

Individuals who are currently in recovery from alcohol and drugs but think they could be at risk to relapse will benefit from this group. The relapse prevention group will provide the chemically dependent person with tools and a plan to overcome the barriers that lead to relapse. This 10 to 12 week course will run one night a week, twice a year. Persons are required to undergo an initial assessment to participate in this group.

Community Outreach Services

Addiction counselling services are offered out of our satellite office at Four Directions Health Centre.  These services include individual appointments for assessment, counselling and recovery planning for people who are dependent on, or affected by another use of, substances. A drop-in Recovery Support group is offered on Tuesdays, 1 to 3 p.m.  Anyone wishing to share their recovery journey is welcome. 

A Recovery Support group is also offered at Albert Scott Community Centre on Thursday from 1 to 3p.m. 

The “I’m Important Too” Group is an 8-week program for children, ages 6 to 12, impacted by someone’s substance use. It is offered 3 times yearly in collaboration with the Addiction Team at Child and Youth Services.

Addiction counselling support services are offered at Carmichael Outreach and Adult Campus on a regular basis.Counsellors also provide support to other community agencies upon request.

Community Education Programs

Community education programs offered by this service are based on best practice models and focus on education and prevention, with an aim to create a better understanding of addictions in the community. Educational services include workplace presentations, employee health fair displays, classroom presentations, and general public presentations and displays on request.

For a brochure about Addiction Services, select the link below.

Problem Gambling Programs

1640 Victoria Ave, Regina, S4P 0P7 
Main office: 306-766-6600
Fax: 306-766-7970

For Services Call: 306-766-6600

Different programs are available for any person, 18 years or older, who is experiencing issues with problematic gambling behaviour or individuals who have been affected by someone else’s gambling behaviour.  Individuals receive an assessment and develop a treatment plan suited to their needs. Services could include outpatient individual counselling sessions and/or group sessions.

The Problem Gambling Program takes a holistic approach to treatment and recovery through the ideas of balance and healing of the mind, body and spirit toward lifestyle change. Talking Circle facilitation is also available for family issues around gambling addiction.

PG Day Treatment Programs

There are two phases of Day Treatment available to individuals with problem gambling issues.  Phase one includes information about gambling addiction and recovery, and the effects on self and life issues.  Phase two involves a more introspective look into the impact of gambling addiction on the individual and the dynamics of the addicted family.  Included is education and interactive group exercises.  Each phase is one week in duration and available to all residents of Saskatchewan and inter-provincial participants are also considered.

Women’s PG Support Group

Women’s support group is a weekly support group for females with problem gambling issues. This group provides a safe and confidential environment to share recovery experiences, ask questions and receive feedback. All participants must be referred to this program by a PG counsellor at Addiction Services.

Mixed PG Support Group

Mixed support group is a weekly co-ed support group in which both males and females with problem gambling issues are welcome. This group provides a safe and confidential environment to share recovery experiences, ask questions and receive feedback. All participants must be referred to this program by a PG counsellor at Addiction Services.

PG Family Wellness Group

Family Wellness is a psycho-educational support group for individuals who have been affected by someone else’s problem gambling behaviour. This 2-hour group will meet weekly for four weeks. Contact the main number at Addiction Services for more information. The group is scheduled to begin in the fall season of 2016.

For a brochure about Problem Gambling Programs, select link below.

Brief and Social Detoxification Services

1640 Victoria Ave, Regina, S4P 0P7
Phone: 306-766-6600

The integrated Detoxification program consists of 2 units.  The 20 bed Brief Detox area provides a safe, controlled environment for individuals who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and allows patients time to rest and recover from the effects of intoxication or drug abuse. 

The 25 bed Social Detox area provides patients an opportunity to further stabilze in their abstinence from alcohol and drugs.  The average length of stay is 5 to 7 days, however, patient needs are assessed daily and support is provided until their symptoms are diminished. 

For more information on the Brief and Social Detox programs, select the links below 

Opioid Addiction Treatment (OAT) Clinic

1048 Albert Street, Regina, S4R 2P8

The OAT Clinic offers opioid agonist therapy, also known as opioid addiction treatment, by providing a combination of medication, counselling and other community supports. The clinic helps individuals in Regina and communities across Saskatchewan using a holistic and non-judgmental approach to create individualized opioid treatment plans to support client needs along their journey.

For additional information, please contact the Opioid Addiction Treatment Clinic by phone at 306-766-6350.

Secure Youth Detoxification Centre

Phone: 306-787-1058
Fax: 306-798-4307

Addiction Services provide daily clinical services to youth admitted under the YDDSA for Detox and Stabilization. Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, Addiction Services counsellors provide clinical, consultative and referral services to individuals and families. Addiction Counsellors participate in developing community safety plans and provide contemporary care services to youth after discharge. Community Treatment orders are referred to youth team outreach workers to ensure ongoing support is available to the youth and families.

For more information about the Secure Youth Detox Centre, select the link below.

Drug Treatment Court

Phone: 306-766-6300
Fax: 306-766-7927

Drug Treatment Courts are special, therapeutic courts that divert drug-addicted offenders away from incarceration and into an intensive treatment program to address their addictive and criminogenic behaviour. This program combines daily attendance at an individualized treatment program and regular supervision by the court. This holistic approach involves the judiciary, Addiction Services staff and community agencies, such as The Ministry of Social Services and The Ministry of Corrections and Public Safety and Policing, Probation Services. The Drug Treatment Court Program Centre also provides the participants with an introduction to Aboriginal Culture and Spirituality. To be eligible, adult offenders must be dependent on drugs and their criminal behaviour must have been caused or motivated by their addiction. Participants must have a residence in Regina. Participation in the Drug Treatment Court program is voluntary but requires the approval of the Crown Prosecutor.

Dedicated Substance Abuse Treatment Unit

Regina Provincial Correctional Centre

The Correctional Addiction Initiative is a five week program for inmates incarcerated at the Regina Provincial Correctional Centre. It is a designated unit that provides in-patient treatment programming for high risk/ high need offenders. The treatment program includes individual counselling, educational workshops, and process groups. All referrals are taken from sentenced inmates within the Regina Provincial Correctional Centre.

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