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You Can't Spell United Way Without U and I


And, you can't achieve success without support.
It Looks Like Me 2017

The Regina and Area United Way does just that for our community. It supports numerous community organizations to help those in vulnerable situations achieve success, happiness and a meaningful life for themselves and their loved ones.

Meet Payton. She received support from United Way community partners and is on her way to building a wonderful life with her young son. And meet Hadden. He's a bright, young boy who was struggling to learn to read. Support from the United Way has put him on a path to lifelong learning. You can see more of their stories on this year's campaign video.

On October 25, the RQHR and the Regina and Area United Way launched the regions Annual Giving Campaign. This campaign is focused on encouraging staff donations so that the United Way can continue to support people like Payton and Hadden all year. For as little as $10/month, you can change a life too. The life you change just may be your patient's. To donate, simply print off this pledge form, fill in your donation details, and return it to the United Way office. we come into the Christmas Season, a donation to the United Way in the name of a loved one, makes an excellent gift! They get to help someone in need, and get a tax deduction too. It's a win-win.

Submitted by: Jayne Leibel, Communications & Marketing Consultant, Strategy, Quality and Engagement Business Unit