Who Do I Contact if I Have IT Issues?

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Who Do I Contact if I Have IT Issues?


Phone: 1-888-316-7446

Hours of Operation & Contact Information:

Monday to Friday: 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Urgent support requests can be reported 24/7 by calling eHealth's Service Desk
Phone: 1-888-316-7446
Email: servicedesk@eHealthSask.ca

Please note: The previous Service Desk numbers used by former Regina Qu'Appelle and Saskatoon Health Regions will forward to the eHealth Saskatchewan Service Desk.

You will be presented with menu options; these options will automatically forward calls from phone numbers associated to former RQHR (onsite phones and phones issued by Regina IT department) to the Regina Helpdesk.

If you are calling from a private device or clinic you will be forwarded to the eHS Helpdesk. (Services provided by eHS Helpdesk vs Regina Helpdesk are identified below.)

You can request the number for your personal mobile device or clinic number be added to the Regina Helpdesk database so that you are automatically default during regular Monday-Friday business hours. To do so, send a request to the IT Support Centre with the numbers and name associated to the number you are requesting be added.

Regular Business Hours:

  • Press 1 if you need assistance from eHS for the following services/apps: Telehealth, RIS, PACs, Transcription (Fluency for Transcription), BDM, PIP and myeHealth applications (These the Drug Plan, eHR Viewer, ESP, FDBm AXIS, Hedgehog, iPHIS, MDS/Care Organizer, Ministry of Health Applications, MIQS, myeHealth, PACS, Panorama, PHRS Online, PIP, RadNet, SCI, Fluency for Transcription, WinCis
  • Press 2 for assistance from the Regina Support Desk for the following Services: Accuro, AHS, Allscripts Patient Flow (EBM), AMCOM, AMIS, CAD, Client Information System, Dynamed, Endoworks, HistoTrac, Honeywell HVAC, Computrition (Hospitality Suite), HSM, Immunication Billing, ASCV, LIS/SCC (LAB), MEDACCESS, MedGate, NMIS, Nurse Call, OR Equipment, Paceart Optima, Perceptive, Physicians Lists, Procura, SCM, Fluency Direct, Shire, Silent Messenger, SmartWeb Paging, Sunrise Enterprise Registration (SER), Tracemaster, VIP, Gateway Online, WinRecs, Xcelera, Xcelera Cath, iPFE and all other applications
  • Press 3 for support logging into your account including network passwords and requesting new accounts for Regina support applications
  • Press 4 for support with your computer, printer or phone
  • Press 5 for all others

After Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.; Saturday and Sunday

  • Press 1 to leave a message for all non-urgent issues
  • Press 2 for support for all other issues except the following
  • Press 3 for urgent SCM Support
  • Press 4 to speak to the on-call service desk staff


***Please ask for the on call support tech in Regina if you are calling in regard to an issue in MedAccess in Regina after hours. You should never have to call the vendor directly. Our PHC resources will be reached to assist.

Submitted by: Denise Mirva, Director, Patient Point of Care IT Services