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What’s New In Research and Performance Support?


Good-bye Survey Monkey - Hello REDCap!

Effective October 1st, 2017, the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region is no longer using FluidSurveys® or SurveyMonkey®. They have been replaced with a platform called REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture). REDCap is a secure web-based data collection platform for building and managing online surveys and databases with the server located RQHR. Those wishing to access REDCap should note the following process:

  • Requests to use REDCap for research purposes, will be handled through the standard Research Ethics Board and Operational Approval processes.
  • Requests to use REDCap for a quality improvement and/or a program evaluation project, should be submitted to the Research Approval Coordinator (researchapproval@rqhealth.ca).

Additional information regarding the REDCap application process can be accessed at http://www.rqhealth.ca/department/research-and-performance/operational-approval.

Research Ethics Board Seeking Physician Member

The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region Research Ethics Board (REB) is seeking a physician member to serve a one year term. The REB meets at noon on the 2nd Monday of every month. The primary purpose of the Board is to ensure that the proposed research is scientifically valid and meets generally accepted research ethics guidelines. For more information about the position, please contact the Chair of the Research Ethics Board, Dr. Jennifer St. Onge at 306-766-5533 or Jennifer.stonge@rqhealth.ca

Academic Health Sciences Student Research Day

Friday October 13th marked the 5th Annual Academic Health Sciences Student Research Day. The event, which was held at the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre, celebrated the success of medical, pharmacy, nursing and nutrition students that conducted health research during the past summer.

Dr. Stuart Skinner, an Infectious Diseases specialist in the RQHR, provided a compelling keynote address to the student researchers. He spoke of the importance of integrating research into one’s clinical practice and then surrounding yourself with a strong team that enables everyone’s strengths to be utilized.

The calibre of this year’s projects was exceptional, but a few stood out and were selected by the judging panel to receive the following awards:

Summer Student Research Awards of Excellence

  • Christine Lee (supervised by Drs. Jason Vanstone and Jonathan Mailman)
    Effect of an educational intervention on rates of urine cultures and treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria in long-term care
  • Scott Goerzen (supervised by Dr. Brent Thoma)
    An international, interprofessional investigation of the podcast listening habits of emergency clinicians: A METRIQ Study
  • Xuan (Lily) Xiao (supervised by Dr. Gary Groot)
    An evaluation of the appropriateness of pre-operative testing for TKA/THA patients at Saskatoon City Hospital according the Choosing Wisely Canada guidelines

Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region Patient Impact Award

  • Katherine Ludlow (supervised by Dr. Mansfield Mela)
    Improving recognition of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder amongst medical professionals

SaskDoc Award for the Top Research Poster Presented by a Medical Student

  • Brighid McFadden (supervised by Drs. Jacqueline Kraushaar and Shane Wunder)
    Patient-perceived needs and experiences regarding sexual counseling in individuals with spinal cord injury

AHS Student Research Day was made possible with sponsorship from the RQHR, the College of Medicine, and SaskDocs. Thank you to this year’s judges - their expertise was greatly appreciated!

Dr. Gill WhiteDr. Bill SemchukDr. Eric SyDr. Derrick Larsen
Dr. Jeffrey BetcherDr. Payam DehghaniDr. Gerri LasiukDr. Elan Paluck
Dr. Jennifer St.OngeMs. Ashley MillerMr. Ray Van Dusen 

Dean’s Summer Student Research Program – Call for Proposals Due November 24th

The Office of the Vice Dean Research (OVDR) has announced the beginning of another round of Dean’s Summer Research Projects. The purpose of the Dean’s Program is to facilitate medical student exposure to scientific research and to assist them later in their careers. This year, approximately 80
projects will be funded, dependent upon the number of quality applications received. The projects are 10 weeks in duration with a $5,050 award per student, to be used entirely for the salary of the student and poster printing. Students must be supervised by a current faculty member in the College of Medicine and are involved in one single research project with a beginning, middle, and end to the project.

At this point in time, the College is preparing a repository of potential projects. Anyone wishing to work with a summer student is encouraged to submit a brief proposal by November 24th.

The online repository will be made available to students who are then responsible to contact a supervisor that they are interested in working with and help him/her develop the proposal. The deadline for full proposals will be January 24th, 2018.

To obtain a copy of the proposal template visit the Dean’s Summer Projects website at http://medicine.usask.ca/deans-summer-research.php, or contact the RQHR Research Department at: Research&Performance@rqhealth.ca

RQHR Physicians Awarded a COMRad Grant from the College of Medicine

Dr. Bhanu Prasad and Dr. Kunal Goyal have been awarded a College of Medicine Research Award ($23,350) for their study "Prairie Renal Denervation Study: Renal Denervation (RDN) for management of patients with loin pain hematuria syndrome (LPHS)".

Loin Pain Hematuria Syndrome (LPHS) is a rare and poorly understood clinical condition characterized by severe, unilateral or bilateral loin pain localized to the kidney in the absence of identifiable urinary tract disease. Though relatively rare, LPHS is debilitating for the generally young female population that suffer from it.

Thanks to some early successes, Dr. Bhanu Prasad (Nephrologist) and Dr. Kunal Goyal (Interventional Radiologist) are poised to further develop a relatively novel use of a minimally-invasive procedure called renal denervation (RDN) to help manage pain and reduce the use of narcotic pain-medication in LPHS patients. RDN involves inserting a small catheter into the femoral artery to reach the renal artery, where radiofrequency "shocks" destroy the pain-transmitting nerve fibers that travel to and from the kidneys (watch a brief video explanation here).

To investigate this, a team of researchers lead by Drs. Prasad and Goyal are embarking on conducting a multi-site randomized control trial to definitively test the efficacy of the procedure. The COMRAD grant represents the first step in that journey, where the team will first conduct a feasibility trial to assess the logistics of carrying out large RCT trial, and to build research and clinical capacity to move forward.

What Types of Services Can the Research and Performance Support (RPS) Provide?

Considerable clinical research and quality improvement activities take place within the RQHR. The RPS department is a specialized unit that provides support services for staff and clinicians affiliated with the RQHR. They are located in the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre and have the general hours of operation from 08:30 – 17:30 Monday to Friday.

RPS staff can assist you with all of the steps in a project cycle. There is no fee to access support from the research department. However, research that has received any type of external funding may be subject to a cost-recovery assessment.

Recognizing that requests vary in complexity, the following guidelines should be taken into consideration when requesting support services. A researcher, however, will be able to provide you with a better estimate when he/she is provided with greater detail about the study.

A. Research Administration
Assistance preparing Research Ethics Board application
Recruiting/training research assistants
Identifying potential funding sources for research
Facilitation of contract negotiation/Data sharing agreements
Development of study budget for grant proposal
Research account set up/administration

Minimum Time Required
2-3 weeks
1-2 months
1-2 weeks
1-3 months
1-2 weeks
1 week

B. Surveys
Survey design (Basic QI/QA type projects) 
Survey design (more complex research projects)
Hosting survey on REDCap

Minimum Time Required
2 weeks
2-4 weeks
1-2 weeks

C. Clinical Research
Sample size calculation or power analysis
Identifying/developing suitable data collection tools
Protocol development for a clinical study/clinical trial

Minimum Time Required
1-2 weeks
1-2 months
2-6 months

D. Data Services
Database development (Excel, SPSS, REDCap) 
Simple data analysis & interpretation (descriptive/basic statistics)
Complex data linkage, analysis & interpretation

Minimum Time Required
2-3 weeks
2-4 weeks
2-3 months

E. Writing & Editing Services
Manuscript review/editing
Grant proposal review/editing
Assistance writing a grant proposal

Minimum Time Required
2 weeks
2 weeks
2-3 months

To receive assistance from the Research and Performance Support Department contact the staff researcher assigned to support your area.


RESEARCH CONTACT LIST – Updated October 2017

If you do not see your area listed below or if you have any general inquiries, please contact the Director of Research & Performance Support, Dr. Elan Paluck at Elan.paluck@rqhealth.ca (Tel: 306-766-5209)

Area of ResponsibilityContactEmail Address
AnesthesiologyDr. Muhammad SiddiquiMuhammad.siddiqui@rqhealth.ca
CardiologyDr. Muhammad SiddiquiMuhammad.siddiqui@rqhealth.ca
Choosing Wisely/Antimicrobial StewardshipDr. Jason Vanstone Jason.vanstone@rqhealth.ca
Clinical Appropriateness/Clinical Quality Improvement ProgramMichelle DegelmanMichelle.Degelman@rqhealth.ca
DermatologyDr. Mamata Pandeymamata.pandey@rqhealth.ca
Diagnostic ImagingAdam ClayAdam.clay@rqhealth.ca
Emergency MedicineDr. Erwin Karremanerwin.karreman@rqhealth.ca
Family MedicineDr. Michelle McCarronmichelle.mccarron@rqhealth.ca
General SurgeryDr. Erwin Karreman erwin.karreman@rqhealth.ca
Infectious DiseasesDr. Mamata Pandeymamata.pandey@rqhealth.ca
Internal MedicineDr. Muhammad Siddiqui
Adam Clay
NeonatologyDr. Mamata Pandeymamata.pandey@rqhealth.ca
NephrologyDr. Muhammad Siddiqui
Warren Berry
NeurologyDr. Jennifer St.Ongejennifer.stonge@rqhealth.ca
Obstetrics/GynecologyDr. Erwin Karremanerwin.karreman@rqhealth.ca
OphthalmologyAli Bellali.bell@rqhealth.ca
Palliative CareDr. Michelle McCarronmichelle.mccarron@rqhealth.ca
Pediatrics/NeonatologyDr. Mamata Pandeymamata.pandey@rqhealth.ca
Physical RehabDr. Muhammad SiddiquiMuhammad.siddiqui@rqhealth.ca
Population/Public HealthAli Bellali.bell@rqhealth.ca
PsychiatryDr. Erwin Karremanerwin.karreman@rqhealth.ca