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Updates on Access/Patient Flow you need to know


Primary Health Care News Picks

Spirometry Interpretation:

Almost 80 Family Physicians have completed CME accredited training in spirometry interpretation arranged by the RQHR in the past year. We continue working with several physicians who would like additional training and peer support.

COPD Pathway Development:

A PHC Nurse has been allocated to help link hospitalised patients with COPD to the services they require to manage their conditions, in conjunction with their family physicians and specialists. Such services include, COPD specific education, action planning for exacerbations, pulmonary rehab, smoking cessation, etc.

Community-based COPD Rehabilitation:

The pilot in the central network has concluded and further community-based COPD rehab programmes are being developed across the RQHR. The aim is not to replace but to provide additional services for those with COPD who cannot access the existing COPD rehab program.

Visiting PHC nurse and mental health counselling services in Family Physician Offices:

Thank you to those practices and clinics in the South Network who came forward to partner in a pilot to have these visiting services in their clinics. We are working through the requests and meeting with physicians to partner in offering these services wherever possible.

For more details on any of these and other Primary Health Care initiatives, please email Family.Medicine@rqhealth.ca and your query will be forwarded accordingly.

MRP to Sign all Prescription Pages

Several of our patients are discharged from hospital with follow up care provided by Home Care services. Home Care being one of our partners in continuing excellence in patient care would like to remind all Most Responsible Physicians that upon discharge all pages of the prescriptions are signed In an effort to avoid a delay in the referral process and client care. If Home Care does not receive the complete referral package together (orders, prescriptions) via fax they cannot initiate care without further follow up thereby causing delays that potentially put our patients’ wellbeing at risk.

Transcription services: One minute message from 3S Health

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