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Update on Choosing Wisely Regina


In conversation with many of you, I am very impressed with your interest in pursuing Choosing Wisely Canada initiatives within your Department or Sections.

Well, the “administration” is here to help you on your journey.  Following their success to date in managing the initial development of antimicrobial stewardship in which the community and the providers were invited to consider change in asking for and providing antibiotics.  Implementing a “Choosing Wisely” initiative involves education of both the requestor and the provider of the service.

Robert and Jason will reach out to physicians who are willing to sponsor initiatives to improve access to care, improve quality, and reduce waste.  To get in touch, please contact Robert Parker at Antimicrobial.Stewardship@rqhealth.ca

Submitted by:  Dr. David McCutcheon, Vice President, Physician & Integrated Health Services