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Update from the Board


The Board will be focused on the continuous improvement in quality and safety of all services provided within the Region.

The Board will also focus on ensuring that there is professional and financial accountability and responsibility as we transition out of the deficit situation that we have experienced over the past few years.

The Board is committed to patient and family centered care and will enhance patient and family participation in the activities of the Board. This includes ongoing inclusion of patient stories, incorporating both the successes and failures in care, and the involvement of patient and family representatives in subcommittees of the Board, particularly the Quality and Safety subcommittee.

With regard to professional accountability and responsibility, the Board has directed the President and CEO to ensure that professional practices are consistent with improved clinical outcomes. Specifically, the Board expects that deficiencies in hand washing, surgical safety check lists, and patient and family communication will be effectively addressed.

In considering the deficit situation, the Board is adamant that a focus on excellence in patient care, efficiency in patient flow, the appropriate use of resources and their effective daily management are the keys to financial sustainability. Full and effective collaboration with the Practitioner staff is essential in that regard.

In working to eliminate the $8 million deficit in the surgical portfolio, Board members were delighted to hear of the collaboration between the Orthopaedic Surgeons and Neurosurgeons in the standardization of implants, operating room sets and trays.

In summary the Board feels confident that this set of directions and together with the ability of the President his teams will realise the ongoing sustainability and success of the organisation.