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Thyroid Testing


Following a concern raised by Dr. Bahera Mali, our Medical Biochemist, a follow-up investigation into the data presented in previous newsletters has determined that laboratory services at the Regina General Hospital will only perform free T3 tests following an abnormal TSH result or as an override with appropriate justification.

Thus, the previously reported frequency of requests for free T3 tests are considered to be appropriate; we apologize for our error and any confusion this oversight may have caused.

However, there are likely cases of unnecessary use of free T4 tests. To obtain more information about practitioner’s knowledge and reasoning for using free T4 tests, we will be conducting a short survey in the near future. This will be distributed among those requesting Free T4 tests. In addition we will examine the appropriateness of thyroid antibody testing.

Submitted by: Dr. Jeremy Fitzgerald, Dr. Bahera Mali, Dr. Jason Vanstone and Robert Parker