Things you can let families know about the KidsFirst Program

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Things you can let families know about the KidsFirst Program


What is KidsFirst?

KidsFirst is a program designed to support children and families by offering parenting information, providing support and building on family strengths. The KidsFirst program recognizes that the arrival of a newborn baby in the home presents significant challenges to any family. When families are already living under difficult circumstances, the challenges involved in taking care of the baby are much greater. Due to this acceptance of families to the program is based on family risk and which community they reside in.

How does KidsFirst work with Families?

KidsFirst Regina brings information, support, and advocacy to families with creative outreach and supportive caring home visitors who provide support and link families with appropriate community services. The expectation will be that the home-visitor will visit on a weekly basis. KidsFirst may also provide early learning opportunities, child care, and transportation in certain situations ( such as doctor’s appointments). Women will also be provided with nutrition vouchers for their prenatal period and a portion of their post-natal period.  KidsFirst also has a dedicated Family Wellness and Outreach

Team to provide support to families within the program.

Benefits to working with KidsFirst Regina

Many factors can lead to negative birth outcomes, including poverty, lack of food security, domestic violence, and other negative life events. Identifying and bringing women into the program as early on within their pregnancy as possible is very important as it provides an opportunity for a successful outcome. Working with the community to identify these families will provide a better opportunity to become involved during the pre-natal period. Because KidsFirst is a voluntary program and universal screening process does not occur until hospitalization for birth, connections within the community can be key role players in engaging families early on in pregnancy to provide the opportunity for a healthy pregnancy and early and consistent prenatal care.

 Who would I refer?

  • If mom is currently using drugs and/or alcohol or did so during pregnancy;
  • If  family could benefit from extra support around parenting and behavioural issues;
  • If family doesn’t appear to have supports in place from family, friends, or other community resources;
  • If mom has had no involvement with pre-natal education;
  • If there are complex socio-economic issues involved with the family such as family violence, addictions, poverty, housing, and low levels of education and income security.