The Panorama - March 20, 2018 Edition

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The Panorama - March 20, 2018 Edition


An update from Regina's Area Chief of Staff, Dr. Juliet Soper.

As the Area Chief of Staff for Regina, I attended an orientation event on March 9th and 10th in Saskatoon. This provided valuable opportunity to meet and begin working with ACOS colleagues from around the province.

The orientation placed an emphasis on participation in all levels of the Saskatchewan Health Authority, including policy and governance decisions, by patient and family representatives, and First Nations and Métis people. It set an approach to governance that links decisions to Quality and Safety, System Sustainability (cost), Delivery, and Engagement. It is clear that the Regina Area has been doing exceptionally good work maintaining processes and engagement during the transition phase to the Saskatchewan Health Authority. I thank you all for your role in this. I finished the orientation feeling encouraged and certain that the Executive Leadership Team have been listening and have heard many of the concerns raised by physicians over the past month.

In the past few weeks I have also had opportunity to meet with various members of the Executive Leadership Team. As with all transition communications further announcements about leadership positions can be expected on Wednesdays. We can expect to know who will be appointed to Executive Director Positions over the coming weeks. These will be important positions for us as physician leaders to be aware of as these Executive Directors will be the people we need to work very closely with to effect optimal health care for our patients. Follow this link to see the Governance Structure

Finally, I'm looking forward to the Quarterly Practitioner Staff meeting on Wednesday, March 21st at the Delta Hotel. I am pleased inform you that Dr. Susan Shaw, Chief Medical Officer, and Dr. Phillip Fourie, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, will both be attending. See you there.

Submitted by: Dr. Juliet Soper, Area Chief of Staff - Regina