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An update from Regina's Area Chief of Staff, Dr. Juliet Soper.

I am Juliet Soper a pediatrician and your new Area Chief of Staff.

I wish to extend my appreciation to both Dr. George Carson and Dr. David McCutcheon for their leadership and guidance over the past 4-5 years. Upon reflection, the transformation that has occurred within Regina Area under their joint leadership is impressive. Their combined efforts to integrate practitioners to in the decision making and organisational structure are evident throughout the Regina Area. Thank you to both Dr. Carson and Dr. McCutcheon.

I also want to introduce myself and the role of the Area Chief of Staff - Regina (ACOS). I trained in New Zealand and have been a member of the practitioner staff in Regina since January 2012. On February 14th I started a new role within the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) as the Area Chief of Staff - Regina. This is a new position that has important responsibilities to the patients and families of Regina, the SHA, and all Regina Area practitioners.

Firstly, because I am frequently asked, let me answer the question "what is an Area"? Areas are the way the SHA organizes itself to deliver care and coordinate services across the province; they are not separate entities and are invisible to patients. The Regina Area is one of two urban areas within the SHA. It lies in Treaty Four Territory. It does not correlate to old regional health authority boundaries with some 'Rural RQHR' facilities now being organized through the SHA Southeast Area.

The role of the Area Chief of Staff - Regina, as outlined in our new bylaws, is to provide practitioner leadership within our Regina Area and to collaborate with other SHA Areas to ensure alignment of patient care and consistency of process when implementing the SHA strategic priorities. This includes responsibility for, but is not limited to, operational and strategic issues related to recruitment and retention of practitioners, quality and safety of patient care, and oversight of the Area Departments/Divisions with respect to patient care, bylaws and rules related issues.

To achieve these responsibilities I need your help. I want to hear from each of you. The innovations, issues, and ideas of Regina Area practitioners will impact our joint goal of exceptional health care for all people of Saskatchewan. I will be available to each of you during regular work place rounds and open door 'clinics', as well as through email ( Please let Christine Pirlot ( know if you would like to meet with me or have my work place rounds come to your facility.

I hope that you will hold me accountable, through transparent communication, to providing the leadership needed in this role. I expect also that you will join me in always seeking to provide patients and their families with continuous improvement in their care experience, health and wellbeing.

Submitted by: Dr. Juliet Soper, Area Chief of Staff - Regina