Tdap Immunization Recommendations during Pregnancy

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Tdap Immunization Recommendations during Pregnancy


Recently in the province, we have seen a number of infants with Pertussis who required hospitalization. Investigations showed that some of the mothers did not receive Pertussis containing vaccine (Tdap) either during this pregnancy or since turning 18 years of age.

Practitioners providing ante-natal care are reminded to ensure that the immunization status of patients is evaluated as part of the anti-natal care process and to ensure vaccines are provided where needed.

It is recommended that all pregnant women who have not received a pertussis-containing vaccine dose in adulthood (≥ 18 years old) should be offered Tdap at or after 26 weeks gestation

Below see the “Tdap Immunization Decision Chart for Pregnant Women” (Saskatchewan Immunization Manual).

The complete Saskatchewan Immunization Manual (SIM) that can be accessed at:

Patients’ immunization status may be found on the eHealth Viewer. If you are unable to locate their status on eHealth Viewer please call (306) 766-7904. You will need to have the patient’s consent for PPHS to look up their immunization record. Patients can make an appointment for Tdap immunization by calling (306) 766-7500.

Please also evaluate all pregnant patients with a prolonged cough for pertussis