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Syrian refugee situation - need physicians


Dear Practitioner,

We are writing to provide you with information regarding the expected arrival of Syrian refugees to Regina, and to seek your assistance.

As you will be aware, the federal government is working to bring Syrian refugees to Canada. It is expected that Saskatchewan will receive approximately 850 and of those, between 300 and 400 persons will come to Regina by the end of February 2016. It is also expected that they will arrive in somewhat large groups. There will also be additional arrivals that are sponsored by their family members, or by local groups.

Plans are currently being made between different stakeholders with regards to their arrival, care and resettlement.

The Regina Open Door Society, the Regina Community Clinic and Population and Public Health Services, will assist with the initial processes for refugees as they arrive in Regina. However, newcomers will require long term care linkage to practitioners in the community. To enable continuing care, we are seeking medical clinics/ physicians/nurse practitioners who are taking new patients.

Although it is expected that some of the incoming persons will speak English, many will not. Of particular need are practitioners who speak Arabic, Kurdish, Armenian and French. We especially invite physicians who speak those languages to please consider accepting some of the refugees as new patients.

Population and Public Health Services is currently compiling a list of practitioners and clinics accepting new patients, as well as a list of those speaking Arabic, Kurdish, Armenian and French. We ask that you please consider adding your name to this list. For those who speak any of the above languages, please also indicate the dialect spoken (if applicable).

To be included on the list, please complete the attached form and fax your information to us at 306.766.7607

We thank RODS, the Regina Community Clinic and all medical practices who are able to provide support. It will be a busy time. We would like to acknowledge the assistance of everyone working in tandem to achieve this goal. Thank you for considering this request.

Yours sincerely, 

Dr. Tania Diener                 Dr. Maurice Hennink

Medical Health Officer       Deputy Medical Health Officer