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Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM) Update


Work continues on track for the implementation of the provincial order management project in our tertiary acute care centres.

SCM Computerized Provider Order Management

Currently the project team is leading workgroup sessions for decisions around changes in workflow and the management of electronic orders and changes that will occur in workflow processes as a result.

Lori Hopfauf and Dr. Shane Wunder have been working closely with Dr. Vern Behl and Lori Chartier from SHR in the development and implementation of a joint Physician Advisory Group whose mandate will be to:

  • Assist with the medical department/section order set development from a provincial tertiary acute care perspective;
  • Vet order sets within service areas by department and section as appropriate;
  • Endorse order sets in the form of a  recommendation to the Provincial Computerized Orders Management Standardization Committee for final approval and sign off;
  • Advise on change management, physician adoption and communication strategies.

Department Heads have been engaged on the physician advisory committee initiative and many physicians have already put their names forward to participate on this advisory group.

An online tool is under development that will allow physicians across Saskatchewan to provide feedback on recommendations in the development of provider order sets. One of the goals of this project is to work towards provincial standardized order sets based on best practise. The CPOM Project team at RQHR would be happy to provide a short demo on order management functionality and order sets in SCM at department meetings. About 20-30 min is required. To arrange a demo at a department meeting please contact Lori Hopfauf at


RQHR is expanding its use of Sunrise Clinical Manager by deploying three (3) new clinical documents targeting initially the hospitalists at the Pasqua Accountable Care Units (ACUs) in documenting their management of patient care. These include the MD Assessment, MD Progress Note and MD Patient Discharge Summary. Initial activation is targeted for second half of November 2017. Stage I deployment will involve Pasqua Units 4A, 4B, and MSU only, and will be undertaken by a select group of Hospitalists and Physician eClin Doc Development Workgroup members. The Stage I deployment is expected to last 6-8 weeks, followed by broader deployments in Stages II and III in the months that follow, targeting the Department of Medicine and the Department of Critical Care. A communique has been prepared with more detail and will be circulated to physicians in the near future. If you have any questions please contact Dr. Milo Fink, Dr. Shane Wunder or Dr. G. Sridhar. You can also contact the IT Support Centre at 306.766.7979 and your call will be directed to someone who can best answer your questions.

Communication strategy to Primary Care Providers

IT is investigating several options to facilitate the movement of patient health information to primary care providers regarding visits/services received at our acute care centres. More information will be forthcoming as solution decisions are reached with physician leaders.

Additional information on current functionality in SCM:

  • Work relating to the RPIW 86 completion now has ED Physicians charting all patient care related notes in SCM. These can be viewed in the Documents tab. Primary care providers continue to receive a copy of the pink Emergency Department admit sheet. This is to flag them that a patient of theirs has received ED services at one of our ED Departments. Care providers can login to SCM to view this information.
  • ECG results are now available for viewing (both the tracings and the report) in the Results tab for all RGH and Pasqua hospital visits. Work is underway to expand this service to our rural sites as well.
  • Procedures performed in the Endoscopy and GI Units are now identified in the Results tab by the specific procedure name (eg. Colonoscopy) rather than the generic label of Endo-Pulm.

To request access to SCM either onsite at an RQHR facility or from an external site with an internet connection or Apple mobile device, please contact the IT Support Centre at 306.766.7979 or at

SCM Access from Apple Mobile Devices – AVAILABLE NOW!

Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM) is now accessible from your personal iOS (Apple iPhone and iPad) devices! Please note that this is NOT currently available for Android or Windows operating systems. 

From the Apple App Store, enter “Sunrise Mobile MD” and download the app titled “Sunrise Mobile MD II” with this logo:

Once installed, open the app and follow the prompts to allow notifications and accept the user agreement. You will be brought to a screen asking for connection details. Enter the following: 

Alias: RQHR

Hit Save, then use your SCM username and password to log in. Your patient lists that already exist in SCM will appear and you can view results and documents for your patients. One difference from the desktop version is that documents are “visit specific” which means that you will only see documents created during the current patient encounter. To change the visit, in the Patient Info button, scroll down to “Visit History” and select a previous visit to view documents from that encounter. 

Note: No health related information is stored on your mobile device - all information remains on the RQHR/SCM servers. 

If you have any difficulties following the above steps, please contact the IT Help Desk at 306-766-7979.