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Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM) Updates


SCM Computerized Provider Order Management (CPOM)

Work continues for the implementation of the provincial order management project in our tertiary centres. Workflow sessions for future state design is nearing completion. The next major piece of work that has started and that physicians will hear more about in January is the creation of electronic order sets derived from existing PPOs to be built within SCM for CPOM. Decision around order sets will be made by the appropriate departments and sections - this work will be led by the Physician Advisory Group.

Lori Hopfauf and Dr. Shane Wunder from Regina continue to work closely with Dr. Vern Behl and Lori Chartier from Saskatoon in the development and implementation of a joint Physician Advisory Group.

The CPOM Project team in Regina would be happy to provide a short demo on order management functionality and order sets in SCM at Regina department meetings. About 20-30 min is required. To arrange a demo at a department and/or section meeting please contact Lori Hopfauf at


Regina went live with three physician specific eClinical Documents at the Pasqua Hospital in November for the initial trial by the hospitalists. Feedback for some improvements have been obtained and are in the process of being configured in these included documents: the MD Assessment, MD Progress Note and MD Patient Discharge Summary. The Stage I deployment will continue for a total of 6-8 weeks including edits recommended prior to broader deployments in Stages II and III in the months that follow. Stage II and III will target the Department of Medicine and the Department of Critical Care Medicine and will include the added functionality of auto-faxing from SCM the Discharge Summary to the Primary Care Provider for post-discharge follow-up. If you would like to become more involved in the development and early adoption in Stages II & III or if you have any questions please contact Dr. Milo Fink, Dr. Shane Wunder or Dr. G. Sridhar. You can also contact the IT Support Centre at 306.766.7979 and your call will be directed to someone who can best answer your questions.

To request access to SCM either onsite at an RQHR facility or from an external site with an internet connection or Apple mobile device, please contact the IT Support Centre at 1-888-316-7446 or at