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Subsidized Assisted Living


The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR) is committed to providing the right service to the right client at the right time and in the right environment. Clients, who live in the community, have always been able to access home care services for assistance. However, for clients with limited disposable income, there have been few affordable opportunities if, in addition to the need for assistance with some aspects of personal care, the client also began to experience difficulties with daily activities such as preparing meals and housekeeping. As a result, some clients may have been prematurely placed in long term care facilities.

In keeping with our commitment to provide quality service to our clients, the RQHR is implementing subsidized Assisted Living for residents who qualify. Residing in an Assisted Living environment will now be affordable and accessible. Following assessment, residents whose care needs can be supported in a more independent environment will be discharged from the long term care facility and relocated to an Assisted Living Facility. The RQHR has established contracts with two Assisted Living organizations, i.e: Mutchmor Lodge and Eden Care Communities for the provision of these services.

Clients will receive supportive services (such as meal service and housekeeping) from the Assisted Living Facility, and will have access to home care services for assistance with personal care, as needed, and for professional services such as case management and nursing, as required.

For clients who are living in long-term care facilities, the long term care fee is determined by a formula that is mandated by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health. Residents, who are discharged to Mutchmor Lodge or Eden Care Communities, will receive a subsidy so that the cost of their accommodation in the Assisted Living environment will NOT be more than the cost that their accommodation was in the long-term care facility.

Families of the residents who will be assessed will receive personal phone calls from the long term care facility’s senior management – informing them about the Subsidized Assisted Living initiative. A number of open forums will be scheduled in the long term care facilities, throughout Regina, during the next two weeks. At these forums, representatives from RQHR will provide information about this initiative and answer questions from the residents and/or their families. For residents wo are being assessed for relocation to an assisted living environment, there will be individual meetings with the residents and their families.

Much planning has gone into developing this initiative. Experienced Assessor Coordinators for RQHR will complete the assessments and coordinate services to support the moves. We are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible, and we are committed to ensuring that all residents are treated with respect, dignity and sensitivity as we work through this positive and necessary change.

Submitted by:  Gretta Lynn Ell, Executive Director, Continuing Care, Programming & Utilization