Strategies to Improve Information Flow

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Strategies to Improve Information Flow


All providers who are performing diagnostic procedures need to dictate that a copy of the associated diagnostic report is to go to the referring/ordering physician. This is not an automatic send from the dictation system the onus is on you to provide this instruction to the transcriptionists.

Submitted by: Cathy Makie, Director, Health Information Management Services

Six Key Steps to Dictate in Order to Prevent Errors

Errors are occurring and we need your help. Reports that do not have accurate information will not flow to the next care provider or the chart. Here are six key steps to dictate in order to prevent errors:

Every time you dictate, please state:

  1. Dr. (your name)
    - Note for Residents/Clerks - state the first and last name of the attending physician in addition to your own name
  2. Dictating a (care event/work type)
  3. For (patient name) - Please spell name
  4. MRN
  5. Seen on (date of care event) - not the date dictated
  6. Copies to (first namelast namespecialty of each recipient)

Thank you. This approach to dictating means the information needed for the care of each patient is quickly and accurately placed into the patient's health record, and is distributed to the correct members of the patient's care team.

Submitted by: The Provincial Dictation & Transcription Services Team