Spam, Phishing and Ransomware Emails

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Spam, Phishing and Ransomware Emails


Please be advised that we are seeing a rise in Spam and Phishing emails that are being sent around.

IT has taken steps to block these incoming Spam/Phishing messages however, if you receive a suspicious email with an attachment in it, or a web-link, please ignore and delete the email immediately. Some of these emails may appear to come from someone you may know in your contacts and some may contain an invoice as an attachment.

Some steps to identify spam and phishing emails:

  • Verify that any website link in the message contains the correct domain name and not another domain name or IP address. You can check the link by hovering (not clicking) the mouse pointer over the link while looking at the status bar.
  • Most malicious messages indicate a sense of urgency indicating that you must act quickly.
  • Falsified messages will rarely address you by name or provide any personal information about you except your email address, because the senders usually do not have access to such information.
  • Spam and phishing emails tend to contain more spelling and grammatical mistakes than normal.

If you’re unsure or if something doesn’t seem right, please immediately contact the IT Support Centre at 306-766-7979.

IT Support Centre
Phone: 306-766-7979
Toll Free: 1-866-755-7979
Email: IT Support Centre RQHR
Hours of Operation: M - F 08:00-16:30
IT Support After Hours: 306-766-7979