Second Cohort of CQIP Underway

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Second Cohort of CQIP Underway


The Clinical Quality Improvement Program (CQIP) is a 10 month course offered by the Health Quality Council in which physicians are given the opportunity to gain knowledge about improvement principles and statistical methods necessary for effectively leading their own clinical quality improvement projects in a team environment.

Such projects are intended to facilitate local, regional, and provincial quality improvement priorities. Previous CQIP projects have focused on transfusion medicine, mental health, the patient discharge process and many other important areas in health care. The first cohort of participants from Regina included Drs. Ron Taylor, Senthil Damodharan, and Milo Fink.

A second cohort of CQIP participants initiated the CQIP in November 2017. On January 19 2018, the participants attended their first workshop where they had the opportunity to learn more about the CQIP, and the role of each CQIP team member, including the sponsors, coaches, and data analysts. This year’s cohort of participants includes Drs. Jeffrey Betcher and Olivia Reis from Regina. RPS analyst, Michelle Degelman, provides local support for these CQIP physicians.

Submitted by: Elan Paluck, Research & Performance Support