SCM Development Updates - July 2017

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SCM Development Updates - July 2017


New starting July 11, 2017 at Pasqua Hospital Emergency, Emergency physicians will be charting the MD Assessment directly into SCM to capture details of a patient’s emergency visit and care.  These are available to all care providers in the documents tab in SCM for review. 

The same processes will be activated at the Regina General Hospital Emergency once renovations there have been completed.  That date will be provided once available. If physicians require training and access (or wish to have this set up for their admin support) please contact the IT Support Centre at (306)766-7979 as IT does continue to offer training for clinics and their staff on a pre-arranged basis.

Planning and development work on the Provincial SCM Orders in Acute Tertiary Hospitals continues.  Future state design sessions are underway through July and August.  The tentative date for “Day in the Life” demonstration sessions with basic order set is September 19.  More information will be forthcoming regarding these sessions in August, but please save the date for a sneak peek at how implementing electronic order entry in the acute care setting will impact management of patient care in the near future.  Also of note is the formation of a Physician Engagement and Advisory Committee who will play a key role in this project and will act as a liaison and advisory group to the development of order sets in SCM.

Weekly workgroup meetings have commenced for the development of physician documentation with the Department of Medicine.  This process should take approximately 6-8 weeks to complete before the trial will begin for direct physician documentation in SCM.  The documents under review and development are a Physician Assessment (Physical and History), Consult Note, Progress Note and Visit Discharge Summary.  More information will be shared as we progress with this work.

If you have any questions please contact Denise Mirva, Director of IT Patient Point of Care Services at