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SCM Computerized Provider Order Management (CPOM)


Work continues for the implementation of the provincial order management project in our tertiary centres.

As noted in our December update focus on creation of the Physician Advisory Group led by Shane Wunder and Lori Hopfauf in Regina and their colleagues, Vern Behl and Lori Chartier in Saskatoon. The first meeting is scheduled to occur the first week in February. This work will include the development of the order sets in SCM.

With the formation of the new Saskatchewan Health Authority, governance of the various committees are being reviewed to ensure the membership includes the appropriate members of our new Senior Leadership Team and reflects direction from them.

A demo of the Medication Reconciliation module was scheduled for December with good care provider and Pharmacy participation. There was support with those in attendance to move forward with requesting expansion of scope of the CPOM Project to include this module and functionality. The Regina ITIM Operational team has asked, Denise Mirva, to reach out to Allscripts to connect with a Canadian site currently using this functionality to get feedback and information on pros and cons in their experience and validate requirements for Med Rec. This request is in process. The request if endorsed to do so, will be brought forward to the CPOM Oversight Committee at their February meeting.

The CPOM Project team in Regina would be happy to provide a short demo on order management functionality and order sets in SCM at Regina department meetings. About 20-30 minutes is required. To arrange a demo at a department and/or division meeting please contact Lori Hopfauf at

Submitted by: Denise Mirva, Director, Patient Point of Care IT Services