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SaskBlood 5-minute Update


Another week has flown by!

What you and your teams need to know

  • This week we fielded a question regarding the IVIG process for Saskatchewan. Currently in Saskatchewan, RQHR continues to pilot the IVIG PPOs (adult and pediatric). The province has requested that further rollout of the IVIG PPOs not occur since Saskatchewan will be entering into a “Prairie Collaborative” with Alberta and Manitoba.

    The governments have engaged the Institute for Health Economics to lead the project. At this time, we are currently identifying members for the Medical Expert Committee (MEC). We are waiting for the discussions to be formalized.
  • A small revision has been made to Appendix #9 Saskatchewan Transfusion Adverse Event Report Form and it is updated on SaskBlood. Section 7b now includes a row to permit documentation of the Lab Order # for pre- and post-transfusion specimens.
  •  Canadian Blood Services is changing its internal criteria for the selection and expiry date for the irradiation of Red Blood Cells (RBCs). Please see the CBS Customer Letter (#2017-05) that was distributed earlier this week.
  • The Ministry of Health has hired their first team member to support Saskatchewan’s Lead Province role on the National Blood File. Lyndi Blakley will be joining Judy as the Program Manager for Transfusion Medicine on February 22, 2017. We look forward to having Lyndi join the team and will provide a more detailed introduction in an upcoming 5 Minute Update.

Please let us know if there are any questions. Thank you.

The SaskBlood Office