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RQHR New Policy: Medical Marijuana Purposes


Canadian courts require reasonable access to medical marijuana when authorized by an authorized practitioner.

Policy 516: Marijuana for Medical Purposes now exists to support health care providers in addressing this legislative change. Please take a moment to review the policy (see attached) and share with staff and practitioners who may be impacted.

Requirements include:

  • The supply must be doctor-ordered;
  • Must be a legal supply; and
  • The product must be stored in a controlled space like other narcotics. 

Please note, Medical Marijuana is not available through RQHR Pharmacy Services.  In addition, for the health and safety of others, smoking or vaping the product will not be allowed. See the policy and appendix A below. 

Questions can be directed to Kelly Babcock, Director, Pharmacy Services.

Thank you.                                                       

Kelly Babcock                                                            
Director, Pharmacy Services                                     

Gillian Oberndorfer
Director, Clinical Quality and Professional Practice