RQHR Implements Subsidized Assisted Living

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RQHR Implements Subsidized Assisted Living


Residing in an Assisted Living environment will now be affordable and accessible.

Following assessment, residents whose care needs can be supported in a more independent environment will be discharged from long term care facilities and relocated to one of the Assisted Living Facilities with whom the region has a contract, i.e: Mutchmor Lodge and Eden Care Communities.

Clients will receive supportive services (such as meal service and housekeeping) from the Assisted Living Facility, and will have access to home care services for assistance with personal care, as needed, and for professional services such as case management and nursing, as required.

Residents who are discharged to one of these two Assisted Living Facilities will qualify for a subsidy so that the cost of the accommodation in Assisted Living will NOT be more than the cost that their accommodation has been in the long term care facility.

Submitted by: Gretta Lynn Ell, Executive Director, Long Term Care