RPIW #100 - Physician On Call Schedules

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RPIW #100 - Physician On Call Schedules


It has been three months since we went live with the standardization of physician on-call schedules posted to the RQHR intranet. You can now easily view the monthly on-call physician schedules for nearly 60 different services as well as quickly access a daily on-call list for both the Regina General and Pasqua Hospital sites.

As physicians now communicate all changes in these schedules to switchboard, switchboard can update the intranet in real time, enabling end users to have consistent up-to-date on-call information at their fingertips. More and more hospital units are now getting rid of their outdated paper on-call lists and binders, and many unnecessary faxes to multiple units multiple times a day have now significantly decreased. Most importantly, because health care staff are able to access reliable on-call information in a timely manner, the right physician can be contacted at the right time and delays in patient care can decrease.

The process owners and oversight group for this improvement work continue to meet regularly to follow up on any related issues or barriers that are identified.  We would like to thank all of the physicians and their support staff and departments for your participation in the improvements that have been implemented. Your contribution has helped make this successful. We would also like to thank you for your feedback and suggestions brought forward in the last three months regarding the new online lists and communication processes.

Please continue to send your feedback and/or questions to Physician Services at PhysicianServicesRQHR@rqhealth.ca or the Medicine Quality & Strategy Business Unit at MQSBUfeedback@rqhealth.ca.