RPIW #100 - Physician on Call Schedules

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RPIW #100 - Physician on Call Schedules


As of December 1, the RQHR Intranet site now houses upwards of 50 monthly physician on-call calendars as well as a daily on-call list for both sites (RGH and Pasqua Hospital).

Thank-you to all the areas and departments that have contributed to the success of these improvements by utilizing the new standard calendar templates, and by providing accurate on-call information for Switchboard to post to the Intranet site.  If you have yet to provide an approved contact number for the times when you will be on-call, please forward this information to the creator of your on-call calendars before January 1, 2017.

On January 1, 2017 the new communication process for physicians to make changes to their on-call schedules will take effect. All updates to your schedules will need to be communicated to Switchboard via e-mail or phone call. Switchboard will then update the online monthly calendars and daily on-call list in order to ensure end users are always accessing current and reliable on-call information.  A Work Standard explaining the details of this process will soon be distributed.

Thank-you again for your engagement in this improvement.