Review of Acute Care Bed Allocation

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Review of Acute Care Bed Allocation


Through the use of data and in collaboration with physician and administrative leaders RQHR is in the early stages of reviewing how acute care beds at the Pasqua and General hospital have been allocated.

The goal of this review is to identify opportunities to align our bed allocation with utilization and to identify utilization efficiencies. RQHR has committed to a regular review of its “Bed Map” to ensure we are keeping pace with improvement efforts and utilization changes such as advancements in clinical practice, implementation in technology, referral patterns, and volume targets.

Historical bed utilization data from multiple sources (admission, transfer, and discharge data combined with Sunrise Clinical Manager, CIHI, and NACARS data) is being analyzed and presented to each physician administrative leadership team to validate and to assist in identifying potential recommendations by a steering committee comprised of all acute care physician administrative leads. Any proposed changes will be agreed to balancing overall system impacts on reducing bottlenecks for the patients we serve.

Initial meetings have been held with physician and administrative leaders to review the data and to identify potential improvement opportunities and bed map changes. Towards the end of November the project steering committee will begin to discuss the collective opportunities and propose recommendations for implementation in the New Year. The degree of bed map changes will determine the need for additional consultation and shape the implementation, communication plan, and timeline.

Submitted by: John Ash, Executive Director, Office of Quality and Strategy