Regional Antibiogram for 2016

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Regional Antibiogram for 2016


The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region Antimicrobial Stewardship Program in partnership with the Microbiology Laboratory is pleased to distribute the Regional Antibiogram for 2016.

Antibiograms are summaries of local antimicrobial resistance based on bacterial isolates identified in diagnostic patient specimens. They can provide guidance when choosing empiric antibiotic therapy, and can be used to track emerging trends of resistance in a community. In addition to subgroups included in previous years, you will find estimates for Inpatients broken down between the RGH and Pasqua hospitals, as well as testing of specific Anaerobic organisms.

It is important that you UPDATE the database file in your app so that you are accessing the most current information available. 

The RQHR Antibiogram is available from several sources:

Click the link here to find a pdf version which can be saved or printed. Please post in areas where prescribing decisions may be made.

The Antibiograms App is available for iPhone/iPad and Android (4.0+) devices and provides access to antibiogram information in a user-friendly format at the point of care.

  1. Search for ‘Antibiograms’ on iTunes App Store or Android PlayStore on your mobile device. Download the FREE
  2. On your mobile device, click this link here and download the .db file ‘RQHR Antibiogram 2016 – app database’. Select option to ‘Open in Antibiograms’
  3. Further instructions on its use are available on the Information link, found at the bottom left of the app screen or click here

Online both of these files are posted on the RQHR intranet site at:

and at:

We hope that you will take advantage of this information in your practice. Proper application of antibiogram information helps promote Antimicrobial Stewardship, can prevent the development of antibiotic resistance, and maximizes patient outcomes.

Questions and comments can be directed to:

Dr. Jessica Minion, MD MSc FRCPC D(ABMM)
Medical Microbiologist, RQHR
Ph: 306-766-4482, Fax: 306-766-4772