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Provincial Dictation System Update


Health Information Management Services continues to refine the new provincial dictation system with your feedback and assistance.
M*Modal Fluency Mobile - Speech Recognition App Overview

Since “go-live” on June 26, we have seen significant progress in working out the “bugs” that are expected with any new system implementation.  Our transcriptionists are becoming experts on this new platform and reports are being completed within 24 hours of dictation for the most part. 

Initially, there was concern from physicians regarding one of the provincial standards which was implemented at go-live – patient names were not populated into reports.  Transcriptionists were instructed to use “the patient.”  Feedback from several physicians has resulted in a reversal of this standard and now, if a physician dictates the patient name, it is populated into the report.

We continue to be challenged with ensuring copies are being sent to appropriate recipients.  Your assistance with this would be most beneficial – please state both the first and last names of physicians you wish to receive copies.  Indicating their speciality or city they practice out of would also be of assistance.

We are hearing great interest from physicians about the “Dictate on the Go” app available for smart phones.  There are brochures regarding this app in the Health Information Management System (HIMS) dictation rooms.  As well, if you are interested, the YouTube video below provides more detail

Submitted by: Cathy Makie, Director, Health Information Management Services