Prostate Assessment Pathway Referral Form Changes

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Prostate Assessment Pathway Referral Form Changes


Improvements to the referral form will make it easier for your patients to receive care.

The new Prostate Assessment Pathway referral form is located on the Saskatchewan EMR. The new form was finalized in September 2016 as a result of some changes to the pathway.  Please dispose of all printed copies of the old referral form and replace it with the new form.  Going forward, all referrals to the Prostate Assessment Pathway must be completed on the new form.  Any referrals made using the old form will be returned and not processed until the correct form is completed.

The change came about as a result of the addition of the nurse navigator role. The nurse navigator was hired to assist in managing prostate patients, and is able to convey biopsy results, provide education and can refer to specialists on the physician’s behalf.

By filling out the AUTHORIZATION FOR TREATMENT section, it allows the nurse navigator to know how the physician would like them to proceed with their patient.  It will also allow for the physician to authorize the nurse navigator to provide follow up services to their patients.


 Once again, please update your Prostate Assessment Pathway referral form. See below.