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Progress on the Accountable Care Unit



The research evaluation component is well underway with the pre-intervention data collection and analysis continuing and development of a unit-specific dashboard with both clinical and operational outcome and process measures.

The unit based management team of Dr. Ron Taylor and Sherilyn Bray is performing well and leading the development with excellent support from the oversight group.

At the kick-off event last month, staff and physicians signed their unit covenant in which staff promises to uphold their covenant values. This covenant will be displayed on the unit and serve as a daily reminder to all staff and physicians of their commitment to the project and its new work culture.

As with any change initiative, there are challenges to work through; however the team members continue to receive positive feedback from those involved in the project. Here are some examples:

Nursing staff members are saying:

‘For the first time I feel I have contributed to and understand the plan of care for my patient’, RN on 4A.

Physicians are saying:

‘We can already see how this model will improve patient care and our overall work day’, 4A Hospitalist.

Patients are saying:

‘It was good to see patients are number one’, 4A Patient.

During the next month 4A will become a hospitalist unit, which means patients will be cared for exclusively by hospital-based physicians. Those patients whose family doctors agree will be admitted to the hospitalist and discharged to their family doctor.

There will be more staff education and specific ACU education will be incorporated in the orientation for new staff.

A prototype of an enhanced patient whiteboard will be trialed and evaluated to ensure this tool meets the needs of patients and families and team members involved in their patient’s care.


What is an Accountable Care Unit?

It is a system of care in which care team members are better connected with one another, and are responsible to each other to ensure that patients receive the safest, highest quality care possible.

The Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region’s Accountable Care Unit pilot project is a key strategy for the Region this year; one that aligns completely with our three goals of improving the quality and safety of our care; enhancing patient flow through our system and contributing to a sustainable future. The Region’s Senior Leadership Team believes that the pilot will successfully demonstrate that we can transform our care system for all our acute inpatient units. This pilot project is made possible through funding from the Ministry of Health and additional funding from the Region.

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**Please note, the Accountable Care Unit has opted not to provide an update on this pilot project for the month of March, so as to be respectful of the provincial government’s election writ period. Updates will resume in April.

Dawn Calder, Acting Vice-President, Integrated Health Services

Dr. David McCutcheon, Vice President, Physicians and Integrated Health Services

co-chairs, Accountable Care Unit pilot project