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Progress on Chart Completion - Thank You!


Recently 129 physicians were notified that they had incomplete charts that were outstanding greater than 90 days and/or outstanding greater than 180 days. Thank you, the response was wonderful.

142/668 (21.25%) and 111/567 (19.57%) have already been completed. This means that coding can now be confirmed for 253 discharges, thereby, improving the quality of CIHI information.

Some of you also got in touch with us, and made suggestions for improvement work. These included identifying allocation concerns and notification issues. To clarify the allocation policy, the discharging physician is allocated responsibility for the discharge summary. The notification concern was that the physician had not been advised that there was an outstanding chart.

Recently we had only been notifying those with more than 30 outstanding charts. Our plan is to provide the attached .PDF so that all know their chart status as of February 22, 2018. This document will be provided in the Doctors Lounges and in the dictation rooms monthly and will be provided to the Department Heads weekly. An up-to-date electronic mechanism will be identified and provided as soon as possible.

Please call 306-766-2461 at the Pasqua Hospital or 306-766-3747 at the Regina General Hospital if you have any questions. Once again, thank you.

Submitted by: Cathy Makie, Director, Health Information Management Services and Dr. David McCutcheon, Executive Transition Lead, Physician & Integrated Health Services