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Practitioner Staff Affairs Department News - November 2017


In an effort to continue with transparency in practice and open communication with the practitioner staff, the PSA office would like to convey information related to concern handling, contract processing and recruitment efforts.

  • The PSA office is currently assisting medical leadership (Section Heads/Department Heads and the SMO) with 33 existing practitioner concerns. 8 practitioner concerns were forwarded in the last 30 days, and 2 have been concluded.
  • The PSA office continues to work through both administrative medical leadership contracts and clinical contracts. These are a mix of both new positions and renewal of existing contracts. An investment from senior leadership has been secured to proceed with the replacement of 7 practitioner leadership contracts. These will be processed for replacements and/or advertisements for the vacant positions will be posted in the applicable sections.
  • Our recruiting staff continue to work with departments to address the practitioner demands of the region. 8 new practitioners have been recruited to the region in the last 30 days.

PSA would like to provide a reminder to the practitioner staff that they should not be advising their patients who are also employees to utilize that employment privilege to access their own health information. That access is considered a breach of HIPA and a violation of privacy policy within the health region and would subject the employee to discipline.

PSA would also like to note to Practitioner Leaders that the PSA SharePoint is available on the RQHR Portal. PSA will be happy to work with individual leaders to facilitate information transfer to the Share Point for each department and section.

Submitted by: Steve Chard, Acting Director

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Submitted by: Kimberly Merk, Coordinator, Physician Recruitment and Retention