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Practitioner Staff Affairs Department News


In an effort to continue with transparency open communication with the practitioner staff, the PSA office would like to convey information related to concern handling and contract processing. Also, meet your new physician colleagues and more.

The PSA office is currently assisting medical leadership (Section Heads/Department Heads and the SMO) with 27 practitioner concerns, relating to 19 practitioners. 4 concerns were brought forward in May.

The PSA office is also currently working on administrative medical leadership contracts and clinical contracts, both new positions and renewal of existing contracts. The patience of those practitioner staff with contacts in progress is greatly appreciated. Three new contracts have been created and offered to medical leaders in the past six weeks. Outstanding contracts remain a priority for the PSA office.

PSA would again like to thank all practitioner staff who contributed to the recent review conducted by the Practitioner Staff Affairs office, offering suggestions for improvements. Any members of the practitioner staff requesting a copy of the review may contact Steve Chard ( in Practitioner Staff Affairs to request a copy of the report via email.

Specialist Selection Work Standard

The Work Standard for the Specialist Selection Process was developed to help guide the region’s physician leaders and administrative dyad partners in promoting consistent practice in recruiting and retaining physicians within the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR).

A standardized process improves the reliability of the specialist selection process, provides credibility to the successful candidate and provides a consistent process that can be reproduced.

It is important for RQHR to recruit the right physicians the first time to maintain a work environment that maximizes the contributions of the organization as a whole.


Meet your new physician colleagues

Professional Image Policy and Procedure

Practitioner Staff Affairs would like to remind all practitioners that an important part of our commitment to the health and safety of our patients, our fellow practitioners and to yourselves is adherence to theProfessional Image Policy and Procedure of the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region. The Policy and Procedure ccover mandatory health and safety topic’s such as hand hygiene, scent free work environment, and facial hair grooming in compliance with N95 use, appropriate footwear and the use of electronic devices in the health care setting. Please ensure you have read and are compliant with the RQHR Professional Image Policy and Procedure.

New, updated and deleted PPOs

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