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Practitioner Staff Affairs Department News


The Practitioner Staff Affairs office would like to continue its effort to increase transparency and facilitate open communication with the entire practitioner staff. We will endeavour to regularly update the practitioner membership on the status of business conducted through the office.

  • The PSA office is currently assisting medical leadership (Section Heads/Department Heads and the SMO) with 14 practitioner concerns, relating to 10 practitioners. 1 concern was brought forward in March and 3 concerns were resolved.
  • The PSA office is currently working through administrative medical leadership contracts and clinical contracts, both new positions and renewal of existing contracts. The patience of those practitioner staff with contacts in progress is greatly appreciated. The PSA office has worked with practitioners to complete 6 new contracts in March.
  • The final report and recommendations from the recent review of the Senior Medical Leaders (SML)/Practitioner Staff Affairs (PSA) structures has been received by the Steering Committee.  The review builds upon work from 2013 that informed the current SML structure and provides an opportunity to ensure the functions, structure, roles and responsibilities continue to meet the needs of practitioners and the region.   The review was overseen by the steering committee consisting of Dr. David McCutcheon, Dr. George Carson, Dr. Gill White and Mr. Keith Dewar. 
    • Thank you to everyone who provided input via interviews, survey or both. The feedback you provided has been instrumental in shaping the recommendations and your ongoing commitment will be instrumental in assisting with implementing the improvements.  We thank you in advance for your continued support.
    • The consolidated findings and recommendations of the report will be discussed at the June quarterly meeting of the medical staff.  Those practitioners requesting a copy of the report may contact Steve Chard in Practitioner Staff Affairs to request a copy via email.

Submitted by:  Steve Chard, Acting Director, Practitioner Staff Affairs