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Physicians and system sustainability


Physician Resource Plan

The Region has been tasked with preparing a physician resource plan for all of the coming years from now until 2021-2022. In order to accomplish this task all of the Department Heads were asked to provide the information regarding the physician resource requirements for their Department to Dr. McCutcheon. Once all of the information has been received from each of the departments a robust plan can be developed. Work will be on-going regarding this project, please watch for updates.

Privileges granted to physicians

As most of you are aware, the Region is in the beginning stages of reviewing the privileges each physician is granted when they are appointed to the practitioner staff of RQHR. The process involves obtaining the insight of the Physicians of RQHR and is on-going.

Medical Imaging Update

There has been a conclusion to the legal challenge by the Radiology Associates of Regina Med PLC, (RAR) on RQHR. The Judge dismissed RAR’s claim. The Region continues to have conversations with existing member Radiologists, to best equip the department for the future, whilst endeavoring to satisfy the professional needs of the physicians and the system’s commitment for a new relationship with the Radiologists who are members of RQHR’s medical staff.

Dr Kunal Goyal, the new Head of Medical Imaging, remains confident that in the future, the department will be robust and well positioned to fulfill the Region’s mandate to provide optimal patient care. To that end we have started an active recruitment process to fill the gaps created by departure of three of our radiologists. One recruitment has already been completed and the individual will commence work in RQHR on July 1st.

Working within a dyad relationship, the Director, Micheline Menard and Dr Goyal are leading considerable positive change in the department’s operations. Significant improvements are being implemented in waiting times, particularly in CT and Interventional Radiology. The turn-around times for reports will improve even further with the implementation of the Voice Recognition Dictation system which is expected by the end of this summer.