Physician Update on Recent Lean Activity

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Physician Update on Recent Lean Activity

1. Antimicrobial Stewardship

This Design RPIW was recently completed with 5 physician participants. The outcome of the process was a Business Case for SLT, an implementation plan and a communication plan. Following a presentation to SLT approval was granted for the recruitment of an ID physician, a project manager and a pharmacist who comprise the core members of the team. The ID physician will be dedicated for up to 50% of his/her time to the program. Significant reduction in inappropriate antibiotic use is expected, ensuring that the right antibiotic is given using the appropriate route of administration and for the appropriate time. Please see the article from the team

2. Medication Reconciliation on Discharge

Two RPIWs have focused on improved Medication on discharge. One related to patients on discharge from Unit 5E and the other on admission into Home Care. Both of these are subject to audit before consideration of replication. The 5E work involved Hospitalists and RAHD physicians and the Homecare work was carried out by Home Care nurses.

3. Department of Medicine “to meets” patients in the ED

This RPIW has had great results in reducing the time that patients are waiting in the ED for a decision on disposition from the ED. The process involves Bedline mediated calls in which the appropriate time for the patient to arrive is discussed and relayed to the sending physician. The benefits include less pressure on the ED; a better planned consultation; more timely turnaround for the patients; less cost for the patient (ambulance standby was costing $100/hour for patients) and better access to emergency services for the patient’s home community.

4. Discharge summaries from the ED

This RPIW has just been completed and is also in the development and implementation phase. The plan is to have the work carried out by the ED physicians on the “Pink Sheets” conducted electronically and sent directly to the Family Physician electronically. During the RPIW, testing proved that the time taken for physicians to complete their documentation was reduced and yielded a legible document promply delivered to the Family Doctor

5. RPIWs in the Works

Currently there are additional RPIWs underway in developing more effective transfers to Wascana from the RGH and in improving access to sprirometry with a plan to improve the capacity for earlier diagnosis of COPD.

For a complete update on Lean Activity pleas e visit the Website at Quality Improvment and Planning