Physician Payments - Deficit of $11.8M

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Physician Payments - Deficit of $11.8M


The Region’s funding deficit for physician payments is estimated to be $11.853M by the end of this financial year (2016-17). This gap is unstainable.

There are many aspects to this large funding gap including:

  1. Compounding effects in the application of SMA negotiated increases;
  2. Lack of funding for the dyad roles held by physician leaders;
  3. Lack of funding for pathology workload volume;
  4. Lack of Academic Clinical Funding Plans for Infectious Disease, Endocrinology;
  5. Lack of funding for actual ED physician complement and lack of funding for ED physician performance pay;
  6. Lack of funding for the Renal CCA program and inadequate funding for the existing IP program;
  7. Lack of full funding for Obstetrical Anesthesia Program.

Given that the gap is unstainable and growing, I will be developing plans to bridge the gap using a number of strategies.  These will include a full assessment of the need and cost of individual services and examining whether the issue is a funding problem, a service problem, or a pricing problem.

I will engage physicians in the development of the plans for each specific area of overspending.

Submitted by:  Dr. David McCutcheon, Vice President, Physician & Integrated Health Services