Physician Payment Gap June Update

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Physician Payment Gap June Update


Two issues of lack of government funding for physician payments have been identified: a) The funding for clinical services provided; b) The funding for physician leadership positions.

With regard to the former, the following plans are being developed:

  1. Consultation with the Ministry in regard to funding for Accountable Care Unit physicians (Hospitalists and General Internal Medicine physicians);
  2. Funding for Regina Association of Hospital Doctors (RAHD) group to be addressed in the implementation of ACU or 5E;
  3. Funding for the full cost of the currently implemented Emergency Department complement of physicians;
  4. ACFP for Infectious Disease physicians, Dermatology, and certain General Surgeons and Internal Medicine physicians;
  5. Funding for our current Laboratory physician complement in the L4E workload system;
  6. Renegotiation of the CCA contract to enhance their role to effect a Safer Hospital at Night Program (see CCA Contract Negotiations Update).

With regard to physician leadership positions, the approach is to review the current situation in which payments vary by contract and varying terms and conditions (in terms of hours committed).  The matter is under consideration by Department Head Council.

Submitted by:  Dr. David McCutcheon, Vice President, Physician & Integrated Health Services