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Physician eClin Docs in SCM


Regina went live with three physician specific eClinical Documents at the Pasqua Hospital in November for the initial trial by the hospitalists.

Feedback for several edits have been obtained and were implemented into production this week. Stage II will include the CTU units, potentially the ACU units, our intensivists and our CCA’s, as well as two of our Cardiologists. Targeted date of completion for Stage II week of March 5. If you are interested in volunteering to be an early adopter in phase III of the project please contact Dr. Fink ( to have yourself added to our list.

Quality of information has been raised and so currently the workgroup is working on strategies to mitigate this. The workgroup will also work with HIMS and our quality assurance folks to develop a strategy for ongoing oversight and QI measures to be in place.

IT is currently working with 3sHealth to migrate all our former RQHR users of Fluency Direct for dictation into SCM over to the 3sHealth new version of this software. The vendor has indicated there are significant enhancements to assist with the improved translation of voice to text. A strategy will also need to worked on to ensure that standard work process of self -review with voice to text technology becomes a must do always to ensure as much as possible the minimization of potential errors in the dictated documentation.

Activation of the new Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic documents will go live January 30. This will include documentation for both physicians and nurses.

Lastly, the IT/IM Steering Committee approved the formation of a multidisciplinary committee to provide guidance and oversight for clinical documentation standards as we work through the ongoing transition from paper to electronic patient care records.

To request access to SCM either onsite at an RQHR facility or from an external site with an internet connection or Apple mobile device, please contact the IT Support Centre at 1-888-316-7446 or at

Submitted by: Denise Mirva, Director, Patient Point of Care IT Services