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Patients teaching in the college of medicine


TAs will learn the methods of proper sensitive examinations from other highly trained TAs with years of experience, and then guide medical students through these exams providing a patient-centered perspective. The goal is for medical students to learn how to communicate with their patients and how to create a comfortable environment for them.

To become a TA, a medical background is not required. Any person of legal age who has a genuine interest in helping future doctors become sensitive of their patients’ needs may be considered. The only requirement is you need to be comfortable discussing and demonstrating your own anatomy. You will be required to learn and communicate medical information, but will be provided with substantial training. Then, you will provide verbal feedback to the medical students in a sensitive and constructive manner.

If interested in learning more about our program or to apply to become a TA, please contact the SETA Coordinator Kayla Trevena at 306-766-0632 or by email. We thank you in advance for contributing to the education of our future physicians!