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Patient Safety Training


Learning Summary: This is a five part training session on patient safety.

Learning Objectives

This session is offered in five parts:

Incident Management/Critical Incident Reporting and Confidential Occurrence Reporting
Managers, In-scope and Out of Scope Supervisors, Directors and Executive Director’s will learn the legal considerations in Incident Management, overview of incident reporting and investigation (Confidential Occurrence Reporting process),Critical Incident Reporting, Overview of the Saskatchewan Critical Incident Reporting Guidelines and Regulations, Overview of the RQHR Critical Incident Reporting Process

Any staff or physicians involved in disclosure of adverse events to patients or their next of kin’s will review the RQHR policies and procedures related to disclosure of adverse events to patients and their families. This session considers the different types of disclosure and legal considerations in disclosure. You will learn the definition and purpose, type and legal considerations in disclosure as well as the RQHR Disclosure Policy and Procedure.

Stop the Line
All staff is invited to attend this course that empowers individuals to “stop the line” as soon as a problem is identified with the goal of preventing the problem from causing “harm down the line”. You will learn what is “stop the line”, what is your role and how does it affect our patients and family.

Managers, In-Scope Supervisors, Directors and Executive Directors will learn information on sharing personal health information with the family and friends or RQHR clients, the definition of privacy breach, steps to manage a privacy/information breach while working through a scenario. You will receive information about the Fair Warning Auditing and Monitoring Software and a description of what your responsibilities as a manager will be. You will learn what the LA FOIP Act covers and what your responsibilities are.

RQHR Ethics Committee
All staff is invited to attend this session to learn what is an ethical issue, what is in place in the Region to support patients, families and clinicians who are facing an ethical issue.

Target Audience
Varies on each session

2017 Dates Time Location
March 8 08:00-16:00 WRC Auditorium
October 13 08:00-16:00 WRC Auditorium

To Register
Online: http://rhdintranet/CQPP/public/eforms/ProgramRegistration.asp
Call: Program Registrar at (306) 766-4880 atient Safety Education Day Information